8 or 12 hours Child and Family Health and Wellness Programs


This is an individualized, step-by-step 8 OR 12 hrs Child and Family Health and Wellness Program of one-on-one consultations via Zoom calls directly with me, Dr. Ruth.

I will guide you with simple weekly advice for your child and family, using all natural plant based remedies, products and supplements. To help you shift to a more holistic, natural lifestyle.

Week 1/2

Initial Consultation, evaluation and plan of action recommendations.

Week 3/4

Nutritional and Plant-based supplement advice for your child’s age and individualize needs.

Week 5

.                   Holistic and age based home routine recommendations.

Week 6

Emotions, illnesses and affirmations discussed

Week 7

Shift to Holistic lifestyle discussed

Week 8

Home and Body care products advice.

Week 9

Preventative medicine advice.

Week 10

Virtual Medicine Cabinet Makeover 

Week 11

Mind, Body, Spirit practices and other wellness holistic advice.

Week 12

Integration of it all, your child’s progress, results, and further plans if needed.

IF you Are ready to GET LONG-TERM results for your child that will benefit the rest of your family as well, then THIS is the plan for YOU!

Your child and family CAN BE Healthier, Feel, Perform better and Live Longer Naturally, starting TODAY!

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