About Dr. Ruth

Ruth M. Rodriguez D.O.

Dr. Ruth Rodriguez is a Board Certified Osteopathic Pediatrician, marathon runner and soon to be publisher author, who has a passion for helping families with all natural solutions for their health and wellness needs.

With her personal and professional experience of over 25 yrs of clinical work in both inpatient and outpatient Pediatric healthcare, she has developed a 12 week step by step program of exercise, diet and natural supplements.

Dr. Ruth’s work has helped her and her family and has empowered many others to take control of their children’s and their own health with her recommendations of all plant based therapies, including transitioning from medications to all natural supplements, body, home and health care product advice, spiritual and mindfulness practices, counseling and other alternative medicine pediatric advice.

Join her in this endeavor to improve the lives of one family, one child at a time with all natural solutions as an alternative for all of your children’s health and wellness needs.

YOUR Child’s Health is OUR FUTURE! Let her help you help them with all natural solutions?

Simple and Natural

By using a simple diet,  and exercise plan along with all natural plant based supplements, essential oils, and vitamins, you will have an individualized  step by step 12 week program to improve your child’s and family’s daily and longterm health and wellness needs.

Week 1, 2: Diet and exercise recommendations.

Week 3, 4: Natural Supplements advice for your specific needs.

Week 5: Age based home routine suggestions.

Week 6: School/homework time discussion.

Week 7: Sleep, relationships, play issues.

Week 8: Body care products advice.

Week 9: Household products advice.

Week 10: Other Health and wellness problems and what natural solution to use for them.

Week 11: More information on other heath and behavioral problems and what natural product to use for them in the future if they occur.

Week 12: Discuss results, changes and further customization if needed.