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Are You or your Children Consistently Struggling With Frequent Respiratory illnesses, GI Issues, School or Sleep Problems, Or Having Trouble Loosing Weight?

How We Help Patients Overcome Their Symptoms and Teach You How to Take Control of Your Family’s Health

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Dr. Ruth
Natural Solutions with Dr. Ruth

Did You Know?

Do you know that up to 1 in 2 children suffer silently for years with negative thoughts and emotions, digestive disorders, on and off respiratory infections, cognitive issues like poor school performance and behavioral problems, and as adults with chronic illnesses, brain fog and even memory loss?

Do you also know that many people with these health issues are never properly addressed or tested by their primary care doctors?

Oftentimes they hear “everything is fine” or “it’s just your child’s age”, when they know they don’t feel fine and feel like they aren’t being heard or performing as they or you could be?

Left unchecked, all these issues can lead to more complicated health problems such as low self esteem, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, inflammation and heart disease, and obesity.

Join Us To Learn:

  • Why your current child health care provider may not be making the connection from chronic symptoms to what's really ailing or to the root cause of your child’s illnesses.
  • What questions to ask your health provider to ensure you're partnering with the right expert, so that you are truly being heard and advocated.
  • What advanced diagnostic measures and testing will provide the information needed to arrive at a precise diagnosis, so you don't have to guess as to how to treat your digestive distress.
  • Why and how lifestyle can play a huge role in how to rebalance and deal with chronic symptoms once we discover the root cause.
  • How our nutrition, and even emotions can lead to illnesses and advice and affirmations to address them.

Meet Dr. Ruth

Dr. Ruth Rodriguez is a Board Certified Osteopathic Pediatrician, published author, marathon runner, wife and mother of 2, who has a passion for helping children and their families with holistic, all natural solutions.

With her personal and professional experience of over 25 yrs of clinical work in both inpatient and outpatient Pediatric healthcare, she has developed a 6 to 12 week step by step Family Wellness Program to empower parents with a combination of holistic nutritional. and natural medicine remedies.

Dr. Ruth’s work has helped her and her family and has empowered many others to take control of their children’s and their own health with her recommendations of all plant based therapies, including transitioning from medications to all natural supplements, body, home and health care product advice, spiritual and mindfulness practices, affirmations and other pediatric advice.

Join her in this endeavor to improve the lives of one family, one child at a time. So whether your child is sick or well, she can help you with all natural solutions as an alternative for all of your children’s health and wellness needs.

YOUR Child’s Health is OUR FUTURE!