ON-DEMAND TRAINING: 5 Ways To Free Kids From Illnesses, Drugs And Toxins For Good!

Is Your Child Constantly Struggling With Ear Aches, Colds, Tummy Troubles or Hyper Behavior?

How We Help Parents Overcome Their Children’s Illnesses Naturally (Using Holistic Medicine)

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Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, DO
Natural Solutions with Dr. Ruth

Did You Know?

Do you know that 8% of all children from the ages of 6 and 17 are currently taking some form of medication regularly? And worse, these children who are suffering from symptoms like focus issues, tummy aches, ear infections and more aren’t getting the relief and help they need. They are also suffering from the side effects from those medications.

On top of that, most children are exposed to thousands of dangerous chemicals and toxins every year—from foods and self-care products and even toys.

So how do you raise a healthy child and help your child thrive both academically, socially, and physically? That’s exactly what I’ll be answering on this on-demand training.

Join Us To Learn:

  • The 15 most commonly overlooked toxic ingredients in household items and foods that most children are consuming or are exposed to on a regular basis.
  • The real reasons why so many children are struggling with focus and energy issues and why so often they are misdiagnosed with ADD/ADHD
  • How holistic pediatrics is the missing key to help your child balance so that they can heal and thrive naturally without toxic prescription drugs.
  • Why herbal products with little to no side effects could be the ticket for rebalancing illnesses like ear infections and colds without harsh medications.

Meet Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, DO

Dr. Ruth Rodriguez is a Board Certified Osteopathic Pediatrician, published author, marathon runner, wife and mother of 2, who has a passion for helping children and their families with holistic, all natural solutions.

With her personal and professional experience of over 25 yrs of clinical work in both inpatient and outpatient Pediatric healthcare, she has developed a 6 to 12 week step by step Family Wellness Program to empower parents with a combination of holistic nutritional. and natural medicine remedies.

Dr. Ruth’s work has helped her and her family and has empowered many others to take control of their children’s and their own health with her recommendations of all plant based therapies, including transitioning from medications to all natural supplements, body, home and health care product advice, spiritual and mindfulness practices, affirmations and other pediatric advice.

Join her in this endeavor to improve the lives of one family, one child at a time. So whether your child is sick or well, she can help you with all natural solutions as an alternative for all of your children’s health and wellness needs.

YOUR Child’s Health is OUR FUTURE! Let her help you, help them with all natural solutions?